Sceneries of MCKK As my final days here lessen, sadly I wonder...

Once upon a time ago,
We came here as strangers,
Barely knowing each other,
Mostly never heard of before,
With hearts torn between family and fame,
We strode on with heads high in mighty pride.

Through the years,
We shared the laughter of cherished moments,
We threw away the tears of sorrowful events,
To fight battles of wit, strength and courage,
With the bond of unity within us,
Some we won, some unfinished, others lost gracefully.

We have had so much together,
So many fond memories,
Memories that will remain forever,
Forever buried in our hearts,
Also buried in this white castle of ours,
and memories can't ignore.

Now, as we're riding through,
Through the finale memoirs of a "budak koleq",
We have learnt who our true friends are,
True friends who belong together,
Together in the bonds of spirit and ecstacy,
Together till we apart.

Although we have had and shared dreams,
Some dreams too magical to be fulfilled,
still we can be proud,
Proud that we have really achieved,
What we have always wanted...,
The ultimate victory of conquest.

Written by:
Qaiser Iskandar Anwaruddin, D82,
Ardennes Caballarius XVIIIth Thoroughbred

The Beginnig