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My Deepest Secret...

Unclickable Image...Huh! So You Do Have Itchy Hands!Hush! I've Told You, Unclickable Image!!!

Well guys, for those who are blessed for having the chance to visit this page before, you people should be a little bit surprise 'coz thiz page seems a little bit different compared to the one before this. Hey, it's been more than a year man... Hmm...I don't wanna talk about myself anymore. Enough is enough! Just wanna say thank you to you people for visiting my website. Ain't nothin' much to say. I've been quite busy lately. (That's the reason why some of the pages are still not available) Errr...just wanna let you know, I won't be in the IRC no more. It's not b'coz IRC sucks as some might say. It's just I don't feel like being in the IRC for a time being, or perhaps for the rest of my life. Anyway, for those who still remember me, (errr...are there any?) you people can send e-mail to me if you want to. I repeat, IF YOU WANT TO. Heh! Hmmm...I don't have any ideas rite now. I feel sleepy, and I wanna go to bed. A zillion thanx to the 8993ians, my friends in IIUM (figure it out yourself if you do not know what IIUM is) plus those in NUM (also figure out yourself). So long guyz.................................................and girlz (if you happened to be in the opposite sex!)

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